The Right Temperature? Temperature is the most important thing, when it comes to setting curd. There's no denying that setting curd requires a temperature, which is neither too hot nor too cold. This is the reason why one must start the process of setting curd only after the milk cools down to 20 percent

Step 1:  To begin with setting curd, take a pan and heat it over medium flame

Step 2: Add Milk and Boil it and make sure it does not stick to the bottom

Step 3: Take a casserole to set the curd during the winter season as it helps in keeping the temperature warm, which helps in setting the curd easily.

Step 4:  Once the milk is slightly warm, add 2 tbsp milk powder and whisk it well. In case you are using full cream milk, avoid this step

Step 5: Add 1 tbsp curd and whisk it well with the milk blend. Make sure that the curd culture is mixed really well and there are no lumps

Step 6:  Next, if you are trying to get flavorful curds, you can add fruit pulp or herbs in this step

Step 7:  Next, cover the lid and keep it at a dry warm place like a kitchen cooktop. Cover with a shawl or a woolen cap to keep the curd warm during the cold weather

Step 8:  After 7-8 hours or keeping it undisturbed overnight, remove the cap and keep it in a refrigerator an hour before consuming the curd. Enjoy the fresh homemade curd

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