Top 10 South Indian Crime Thrillers That Will Leave You Spellbound

If you love the genre of crime thrillers from south india you should watch the top 10

An enthralling supernatural crime thriller that delves into the investigation of a perplexing murder case that has baffled authorities for years is what cold case is

Prithviraj sukumaran plays the lead role in a film that will keep you riveted to the seats

Vishnu vishals troubled cop is followed by a series of brutal murders by a cunning serial killer

This film is about a highprofile missing persons case that leads to a complex investigation

A traffic cop and a retired inspector are trying to solve a hitandrun case

A tamil detective thriller features a brilliant private investigator and an intricate case

The film starts as a surrogacy drama and ends as a crime drama

A fathers quest for revenge against those who hurt his daughter is the subject of saani kaayidham