Urfi Javed Takes Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai To A Bizarre New Level

Urfi javed takes machhli jal ki rani hai to a bizarre new level as bigg boss ott fame urfi javed has made an outfit out of a fish tank can you believe it

Urfis new costume the actress made a new addition to her bizarre outfits

Fish tank only urfi javed can think out of the box in this manner

Urfi has an exceptional level of confidence in herself to pull off such unique outfits

डेथ स्टेयर वह जानती है कि तुम सभी उसे स्क्रीन की दूसरी ओर से ताकते हो।

Urfi remains unfazed and unbothered by the opinions of people despite being a reality tv star

Belt or top didnt she wear this as a belt a couple of days ago

Lost and found if you ever misplace a comb contact urfi for a new one

बोल्ड एंड ब्यूटिफुल उर्फ़ी जावेद को उनकी स्टाइल के कारण ऑनलाइन होने वाले नफ़रत का सामना करना पड़ रहा है।