Why should you watch Jawan? Know special things related to this

Why should you watch jawan, know the special things related to it

Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh's Jawan movie has been released in theatres. This movie is making huge profits. Let us know what are the special things related to the soldier.

Jawan movie has started on a strong note. This movie is getting a lot of love from the people.

Special things Jawan Movie has some special things. Which can compel you to watch this movie.

Double Role Shah Rukh Khan is seen in a double role in the movie Jawan. Fans are liking this role of Khan a lot.

Action in this movie is fantastic getting to see amazing action shahrukh khan is appearing in this kind of action for the first time

In the movie M/S Jawan, I have given a social message by showing farmer suicides and health fraud.

How many stars are looking at each other in the stars is movie? You can't stop yourself from looking young after watching the characters of these stars.

According to the box office collection report the movie has made nearly 75 crores in domestic collections on the first day