About Us-Townmedailabs is the first and the only, one of its kind, online news & information portal for Punjab and all over India, attracting over 10,00,000 readers each month. (Yes, That’s close to the total Punjab Population as per census).

With appreciation e-mails from the Best companies, schools hospitals shops, and well-known cafes and which help us to give content to promote their business online; and a lot of thank you emails from fans, Townmedialabs has been touching the lives of people by keeping them updated about all that’s happening in India Punjab.

About Us – Reviewexcellence

Townmedialabs has received many collaborations from very big companies and Townmedialabs has helped many people to grow their businesses online many clients are happy to work again and again with us,

Townmedialabs From interesting news stories to upcoming events and from general city information to a special magazine section, Townmedialabs publishes great things that relate to everyone residing in this city.

The Mind Behind Reviewexcellence

Many people get surprised to know that everything… starting from the concept behind Townmedialabs, its web design, web development, content writing, content editing, clicking photographs, overall website management, marketing, and social media is being handled by just one person i.e. Ramandeep Singh.

He says, “Feeling proud & happy about the achievements so far, I wish to take Townmedialabs to absolute new heights” Click below to know more about him.

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How Reviewexcellence Started?

It was before the lockdown Ramanmakkar was applying for Australia and he got a course in IT at an Australian university where he took online classes due to the lockdown where he got knowledge about digital marketing content writing and all the social media game behind the sense then he decided to write an article Ramandeep Singh is also a web designer and developer he designs and develops a website and he says a video where a person is talking about in this keyword he is on the top on google and he is challenging people.

Ramandeep sing decided to compete with him with the knowledge of Australian study I started to compete and I got results after 1 month and I was on top of that keyword then I started to find websites which are challenging to remain 1 on google I started to complete them one by one I threw everyone out of the game and started an online company and now I have around 500 clients.

About Ramandeep Makkar

Ramandeep Singh has always insisted on the fact that Townmedialabs is nothing without the support of the Punjab people. You may send your suggestions/complaints to him at: [email protected]